Kritik: Kritik aus „boxoffice 6-Jui 1995“

Tank Girl (Lori Petty) is a helium-voiced, tough-talking, beer-swilling, oddly garbed, flirtatious, fearless, chain-smoking, determinedly individualistic 19-year-old kewpie-doll punker living in the year 2033. The earth, now a desert, is overlorded by the Department of Water and Power, but Tank Girl and her outlaw friends manage to steal enough water (and beer and smokes) to live a party life„until an attack by evil DWP head Kesslee (Malcolm McDowell, whose talent for subtle yet terrifying malevolence are wasted in a cliche role). Escaping a DWP labor camp, Tank Girl hijacks a tank and“with fellow inmate Jet Girl (Naomi Watts) and human/kangaroo hybrids called Rippers (whose supposed deadliness is hardly believable)"embarks on improbable adventures to thwart Kesslee and his minions.

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